Launch of Microfinance Project

We recently started another initiative;  To provide micro loans to the mothers (and in time, other women in the community) of the students that we sponsor so that they can start a small business that will increase the household income thus improving the lives of these children’s families.   This will also help the child’s wider community.

We are very excited about this initiative and about the empowerment that it will give to the ladies of this group and the effect that this initiative will have on their whole community!

We have identified a group of thirty women to form our first micro finance group.  Our intention is to validate their business plans, to put in place training for these women, to give constant mentoring support during the life of the loans, to introduce these women to savings and the benefits and planning opportunities that can come from regularly saving.  A couple of meetings have taken place with this group and the ladies have selected a fantastic Kinyarwanda (local Rwandan language) name for the group:  ABANYAMUGISHA MICROFINANCE, (Abanyamugisha =  The Blessed, abanya – umugisha which translates to people who feel blessed).

We want to EMPOWER the women entrepreneurs of Rwanda and help them to be in a position to provide for their families.  We know how the ripple effect of this work will have a positive impact on the whole community of these women through creating local employment opportunities & money earned is spent in the local community.  We want to assist these women to realise their entrepreneurial dreams & to become better ROLE MODELS for their children and community!

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