Donation options
RiseRwanda provides you with the option to choose which way you would like to help out.

Microfinance option
€250 = full capital requirement to finance a business venture. This will stimulate economic growth, boost household income, empower a female role model. You will be kept up to date on the performance and impact of your investment.



transparecy with logo

Rise Rwanda, a.k.a. Rwamagana School Children’s Fund, is a registered Irish charity. Our charity number is CHY20665. As a registered Irish charity, your support is essential to us. We strive for the up most standard of governance, accountability and transparency. Transparency has a key role in maintaining and building trust. Our Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers who receive no salary for their time given to the charity.  All work is carried out on a voluntary basis.  100% of donations received go directly to the fund.  All and all administrative costs, travel costs and time are covered by the founders.