Our organisation operates through a variety of different functions. There are always opportunities to volunteer. You could learn new skills, boost your career or gain real world experience. You may want to join a community to make new connections, gain new perspectives, or get inspired. In any case, if you are interested at all, we would love to hear from you.

Our future rests in the hands of our dedicated volunteers. Any contribution, whether it be a few hours a week, a month or year, will make a difference. You can make a difference!

Example Volunteer Opportunities at RISE Rwanda:

  • Digital Marketing
    • Social Media Managers – Become a content manager
    • Video Editors – Showcase your skills to boost your portfolio
    • Photographers – Capture memories that will last forever
    • Graphic Designers – Gain real world experience.
    • Website Builders – Share your skills. Develop new ones.
  • Aministration
    • Event Planners – assist with planning and execution of event days
    • Fundraising Executives – write grant application or suggest innovations
  • Yogis
    • Yoga Teachers
    • Brand Ambassadors
    • Yoga Studios

If you are interested in any of the roles above or know a friend who would make a good volunteer please contact us or apply right now.

Please contact us on:

Email: info@riserwanda.com

or get in touch through this link.

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