Caramelinda Di Manno

Carmelinda Di MannoCaramelinda is a yoga teacher and DJ based out of Toronto, Ontario.  She has had a passion for movement and music from childhood. Her love for yoga and music began years ago as a young girl involved in gymnastics and dance.
Her first 500 teacher training hours were completed in Montreal, Canada in 2011. Following that Carmelinda obtained additional training in Moksha Flow, Vinyasa Yoga with Seane Corne, bodyART, Therapeutic Yoga with Susi Hately, and was also mentored to lead Ballet Barre.


Katarina Rayburn

Katarina Rayburn

Katarina’s has trained in various styles of yoga, for example, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Advanced Rocket and Yin. Katarina’s public teaching schedule consists of a mixture of Rocket yoga and the Mandala Vinyasa model in her vinyasa classes, working closely with chakra and elemental theories.

Katarina is a 500hr, Yoga Alliance approved, Registered Yoga Teacher.


Olivia King 


Olivia was first introduced to yoga as a child in primary school and has been hooked ever since. She qualified as a vinyasa flow and hatha yoga teacher in August 2015 after studying in Suryailia with master teacher Vidya Jacqueline Heisel. She will always be a student and continues to learn and develop her practice. She has been lucky enough to practice with some of the best teachers in the world including Faith Hunter, Annie Carpenter and Tara Stiles.

Students can expect a practice which is empowering, challenging and informative. Through creative and evolving sequences, you will discover what your body is capable of, in a playful non-competitive way. Olivia’s classes build strength, flexibility and balance. Always featuring a healthy dose of humour, inspiration and consistent focus on breath. You will leave feeling relaxed, open and invigorated.


Rosie McAweeney

Rosie is based in Dublin and teaches weekly Hatha Yoga. Rosie

She first started to practice yoga after completing her degree in Psychology initially to get fit, lose weight and de-stress.  Over time Yoga became more than a physical practice and she started to also incorporate meditation and the philosophy of Yoga into her daily life.  She has trained for her 200hr. YTT with Yoga Hub and completed a 40 hr. Yin YTT with Ashling Hughes.

In her classes Rosie encourages her students to let go of judgement and comparison, to focus on their breath, find awareness in how their body moves and how their mind reacts, whilst finding correct alignment as they transition between each pose.  She hopes each student will walk away feeling a little more balanced, empowered and relaxed after each practice.


Sonia Doubell

Actress-turned-yogi-personality, Sonia Doubell is known for her unique style of Moving Energy Yoga. She weaves and blends dynamic movements, deep stretches and longer holds to restore flexibility, lengthen, strengthen and balance the whole

As a Yoga Alliance Senior Teacher, NLP practitioner, Hypnobirthing teacher and Life Coach she is passionate about sharing the potential of self-realization through yoga. Her yoga method has taken her all over the world, from teaching Superman’s, Brandon Routh in the Hollywood Hills to Richard Brandson on Necker Island.

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